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Winlive Pro 12.0

Immediate management of Audio file (mp3, wave) and Midi (All format)
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Immediate management of Audio file (mp3, wave) and Midi (All format)
- Insert Video as background for Karaoke and live performances
- Immediate engagement with fade out or mixing between Audio and Midi songs
- Support for Dual Monitor (double monitor with 2 different screens )
- Scanning and automatic research of compatible files on the Hard Drive
- Voice list editor to edit a map of the sound module
- Audio Sample editor, to insert more than 100 effects in real time
- Virtual save of volume, pan and pitch ( Audio files)
- Virtual or physical memorization of transpose, time, mute channels, program change, volume, chorus, reverb, pan and midi’s dynamics
- Management of multiple midi ports for each midi file, with virtual save
- Lyrics import in TXT and RTF format (as ‘electronic music stand’)
- Visualization of current,previuos and ensuing song lyrics phrases on screen
- Chance to edit each note of drum track
- Chance to combine lyrics to audio or midi song
- Fadeout and mixing (9 different types) with variable length
- Writing system to import lyrics and chords of Midi and Audio files
- Sophisticate search engine with multiple principles
- Extraction of tracks from cd and conversion into mp3 or wave file
- Master transpose, master tuning and Midi click
- On line updating of authors and singers
- Insert of 10 locators for each song
- Multiple management of files in the database
- Insert of images as background
- Help on line
- Excellent stability and handiness of operations make Winlive the choice of musicians all around the world
- New karaoke format: MP3 CDG
- New karaoke format: M-LIVE
- Management of most common video files (AVI, MPG, WMV...)
- Total compability with Microsoft Windows Vista

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